Step-by-Step Holiday Bar Set Up

Hosting for a crowd this holiday? Create an effortless bar set-up to make drink mixing simple and efficient for a large group by allowing guests to serve themselves.

Step 1: Choose Your Spirit – Set out a variety of spirits for your guests to choose from as the base for their cocktail. We like to offer a little something for everyone, including whiskey, vodka, champagne and even flavored liqueurs.


Step 2: Add Your Mixer РOffer a variety of fresh fruit juices and mixers so that guests can get creative with the flavors in their cocktail. Some popular mixer options include ginger beer, bitters and even sugar, which are common ingredients in traditional whiskey and bourbon-based cocktails.

Step 3: Finish With Garnish – Our garnishes include a variety of fresh citrus fruits and berries that add a pop of color to any cocktail. We love offering fresh herbs as a garnish option to brighten up your drinks. You can also set out festive straws and stir sticks to dress up your drinks.

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