Dress Up Your Bar Cart

A bar cart is a perfect tool for the host especially if space is tight or to allow for a separate area for the bar. Here’s how to easily set up an at-home bar cart:

1) Stock the top of your bar cart with all cocktail essentials – a variety of mixers and garnishes, a few decorative items and your favorite spirit.

2) Think outside the box and use interesting containers for serving drink mixers such as simple syrup or juice.

3) Pre-batch a cocktail using a festive pitcher so guests can easily enjoy a great drink.

Punch Royale

8 oz Chambord Liqueur
8 oz Cranberry Juice
2-750mL bottles Korbel Brut California Champagne, chilled


4) Bright glassware adds a nice touch and pops of color to your bar cart.

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