Hello, 2017!

The holidays can feel like a marathon with all of the non-stop shopping, cooking and entertaining. You may feel exhausted after the whirlwind of holiday hosting, but your New Years celebrations can still be still be a blast without the hassle of pulling together an extravagant party. We’ve got you covered with simple ideas that will impress guests and kick off a new beginning the right way.

Festive herb and fruit ice cubes are a simple way to incorporate a holiday theme into your cocktails. And the best part… they include champagne, the perfect fit for your New Years celebration! Use these bubbly champagne ice cubes to keep your champagne chilled without diluting or spoiling the taste.

Festive glassware is an easy way to add elegance to your party without breaking the bank on elaborate decor. Dress up your glasses with these adorable glitter bow ties, or pull out some fun glassware like these gold-dotted champagne flutes. A fancy glass is an effortless way to make guests feel special.

Pop – Fizz – Clink! New Years is all about the bubbly… and this champagne bar is a unique way to add some variety to your cocktails on New Years. Simply set out a variety of fresh juices, such as pomegranate, cheery, cranberry and passion fruit, as well as fun garnishes such as cranberries, edible glitter, and festive paper straws.

We’re all about some glitter on New Years… Give your bubbly an extra sparkle with a fun garnish idea like these edible gold-glitter stars. Tip: Think of your favorite cookie decorations and re-purpose them for your cocktails! We found this glitter garnish at our local bakery along with some other fun garnish options such as edible flowers.

Another great idea to take some stress of the host or hostess is to create a flatbread station. This allows guests to get involved and serve themselves, while also allowing them to customize their own flatbread with toppings and ingredients to their preference. Set out a variety of meats (such as prosciutto and pepperoni), veggies (such as peppers, tomatoes and onions) and herbs (such as basil) as well as fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and of course, flatbreads. Allow each guest to create their own and dig in, or pop them into the oven for about 10-15 minutes for a crispy flatbread.

A specialty dessert is another great way to make your party guests feel special, without the stress. Find beautiful desserts at your local bakery, or if you’re up for it, make them yourself. We took regular marshmallows and inserted a lolly pop stick into each. We then dipped the marshmallows into melted chocolate and then rolled the top of the chocolate marshmallows in our edible glitter. This is a unique and simple dessert idea that is as fun and festive as it is tasty!

With a few simple touches, you’ll be ready to ring in 2017 and impress guests without the stress. Cheers!

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